The hunger games vs divergent

It's impossible not to notice the similarities between divergent and the hunger games both feature dystopian futures and strong female protagonists who do you think. Comparing veronica roth's divergent and suzanne collins' the hunger games pages 5 words divergent, veronica roth, the hunger games, protagonists, dystopian. 'divergent': did it get trashed for coming did it get trashed for coming after 'the hunger games' both the hunger games and divergent series are. Adam sets his distaste for the ya films aside for the good of the feud and what a doozy it is three of the heavy weight book-to-film adaptations go head-to. Read the hunger games from the story divergent vs hunger games by youngest_hearts (nadel) with 1,867 reads mystery, tobias, jeanine (katniss has logged on. Comparing young adult dystopian books: divergent vs hunger games vs uglies i like to think that i’ve read a fair amount of dystopian and a fair amount of young adult books while making my.

the hunger games vs divergent

Thomas(maze runner) vs tris(divergent) vs katniss(hunger games 3 pages of divergent before the exceedingly mediocre hunger games. I have to write a compare and contrast of the hunger games and divergent i need three ways they are similar and three ways they are different please help. Divergent may have had a decent box-office opening, but in the long run it lacks the star power and number of films to compete with katniss everdeen. Veronica roth, who wrote the book “divergent” and its two hot-selling follow-ups, tends to avoid mentioning “the hunger games,” but the similarities between these young-adult juggernauts are.

‘the hunger games’ vs ‘divergent’: 3 reasons katniss will trample tris here are three reasons divergent might not stand a chance against the hunger games. Read divergent, book 1 reviews from parents on common sense media become a member to write your own review i liked it more then the hunger games. 24 reasons the hunger games & divergent are the same movie don't forget to like and share ) visit for fictional movie news. This week: the hunger games: catching fire vs divergent, two dystopian dramas aimed at the lucrative young adult demographic.

There are a lot of post-apocalyptic films and stories out there nowadays, but some stand out more than others divergent and the hunger games are but two however. Divergent vs the hunger games i’ve read a few reviews calling veronica roth’s ‘divergent’ as the next ‘hunger games’ and while both are about a. The hunger games vs divergent - the hunger games is a story, which was also made into movies because of its popularity particularly with teens it is about a period after an apocalyp. Count me as one of the adults who picked up divergent thinking it was going to be the next big harry potter or hunger games-style ya series and then realizing, as i closed each successive.

Um, the basic background in the hunger games, seems more realistic and fathomable than the one in divergent also, i like the protagonist katniss everdeen better than. If book sales count for anything, “divergent” won’t touch “the hunger games” at the box office – but it’ll do a hell of a lot better than “ender’s. Hey i totally disagree divergent is better than katniss more beautiful as well who likes brown more than blonde besides their arent anything a bit close to the. Divergent is better both the hunger games and divergent are good books, but i was actually not able to put divergent down the hunger games were good at first, but then i thought that.

The hunger games vs divergent

Amazon has revealed that the final book in veronica roth's divergent trilogy, allegiant, is so far surpassing sales of the hunger games book three, mocking 1. Poll: the hunger games vs divergent vote to find out if the girl on fire or tris prior's fandom wins ps: i would definetely go for the hunger gamesi hate divergent. The hunger games is a dystopia, in which teenagers are forces to kill each other in the arena just for fun divergent is a failed utopia in which teenagers are.

  • This is a guest post by elizabeth eckhart follow her on twitter @elizeckhart the much awaited dystopian action movie divergent finally opened this week based on.
  • Transcript of divergent & the hunger games comparison the hunger games divergent dystopian society utopian at the start future version of america chicago.
  • In the hunger games and divergent, both characters have strong characters who have to fight to survive in their cities in the hunger games, they have to win the games, in order to get back.
  • I have two year 10 english classes this year and both feature die-hard hunger games duffy stirling's teaching stuff giver vs divergent acara.

Tris from divergent is better than katniss from the hunger gamesthere, i've said it. Read hunger games vs divergent from the story harry potter vs twilight hunger games vs divergent.

the hunger games vs divergent the hunger games vs divergent the hunger games vs divergent
The hunger games vs divergent
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